Everything you need to know about the surface which will revolutionise your spaces

  • What is OKITE®?
    • OKITE® is an exclusive surface, made of a special quartz-based material ensuring outstanding aesthetic characteristics and a unique versatility.

      Much stronger than marble and granite, it is available in a wide range of colour and texture options, which will surely meet your interior design requirements.

      The OKITE® Collections combine elegance and refinement with the properties and beauty of natural quartz.

  • What is the size of the OKITE® slabs?
    • OKITE® is marketed in the form of quartz-resin slabs, stronger than marble and granite. Their sizes are approximately 306 x 140 cm with a thickness of 2 and 3 cm. For some colours, slabs with a thickness of 13mm, 18mm and 28mm are also available.

  • Why is OKITE® the ideal solution for my house?
    • OKITE® is the perfect choice for any room of your house. From kitchens to bathrooms, through living rooms, studies and bedrooms, not to mention floors and walls.

      In fact, its unique, non-porous surface is safe and, therefore, easier to clean with any hard surface detergent and rinse. The comfort of your home is not the only benefit arising from OKITE®.

      The wide range of unique colours and textures of its Collections will allow you to shape your dream house, with solutions that you would have never imagined.

      The elegance of Scultura Collection, the luxury of Translucent Collection, the immaculate beauty of Prestige Line and the brightness of Prisma line.

      A wide portfolio of customizable options designed to meet your furniture needs. Moreover, OKITE® protects the environment, as it is an environmentally friendly product, guaranteed by the Indoor Air Quality Certification issued by the Greenguard Environmental Institute attesting to the compliance of its quartz surfaces with the strict substance indoor emission tests. Safer, 100% Made in Italy.

  • Why is OKITE® better than marble?
    • Compared to marble, OKITE® is more stress- and stain-resistant. Furthermore, OKITE® is provided with the NSF certification (an American authority attesting to the safety of products in contact with food.)

      From the aesthetic point of view, the quartz also offers a greater uniformity with respect to natural stone.

  • How can I test the quality of my OKITE® surface?
    • SEIEFFE gives you the chance to personally test OKITE® before the purchase.

      You just need to visit an authorized showroom belonging to the OKITE® network to touch and see with your own eyes the quality of the product. You can also try to stain an OKITE® sample with oil, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, coffee and even ink.

      This simple test will show you that no product can stain an OKITE® top, and that it is easy to keep your OKITE® surface as good as new.

  • How can OKITE® be so stain-resistant?
    • OKITE® is scratch-, stress- and stain-resistant, thanks to its unique production process and the exclusive properties of its materials:

      • Its structure undergoes a vacuum vibratory compaction during the production step;
      • The quartz (with a percentage higher than 90% in OKITE®) is remarkably water-proof;
      • The resin is so non-absorbent that it is used even in the naval industry.
  • What makes OKITE® a safe solution for your house?
    • The safety of the OKITE® surface results from its special non-porous structure which prevents the formation of bacteria and impurities.

      Its safety level is so high that OKITE® is certified by the US NSF body, unlike marble, granite and other natural stones.

      The latter in fact, being naturally porous, allow for the spread of various fungi and bacteria.

      This is the reason why OKITE® is the safest and best solution for your house.

  • What products cannot be used to clean an OKITE® surface?
    • OKITE® can be easily cleaned with any hard surface cleaner.

      The products which may undermine its properties are:

      1. Basic products;
      2. Trichloroethylene;
      3. Industrial Solvents;
      4. Paint thinners;
      5. Hydrofluoric acid;
      6. Dichloromethane;
      7. Caustic soda;
  • What should I do if my OKITE® top features scratches or chips?
    • For the renovation or maintenance of your OKITE® surface, please contact the OKITE® specialised marble worker near you .

  • May I use my OKITE® top outdoor?
    • The use of OKITE® for outdoor applications is not recommended by the manufacturer, therefore it is not covered by the warranty.