Applications of OKITE®


Everything you need to design your living space.

Thanks to its strength and versatility, OKITE® is the perfect material which can tastefully turn your projects and expressions into reality, from restaurants to hotels, cafés, kitchens, bathrooms, floors and much more.
OKITE® perfectly matches with your needs and your customers’ demands, moreover it can also be used to give new life to historic buildings or develop avant-garde projects.
In short, a boundless resource at your disposal, just like your creativity.

Every space needs a surface.

Thanks to its great flexibility, OKITE® can be used in various fields. Available in slabs of different size and thicknesses, this surface made of quartz-resin is the ideal solution for kitchens or bathrooms, but also for avant-garde projects and art exhibitions.
In crowded place, like bathrooms and kitchens, OKITE® ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, both in domestic environments and in public places, this healthy surface lends itself to the installation and use in areas destined to food preparation. Its non-porous surface, in fact, is stain-resistant and prevents the absorption of moisture and food residues which may result in the formation of harmful bacteria.
Furthermore, as far as art projects and exhibitions are concerned, OKITE® turns into a unique tool enabling you to express yourself , thanks to its wide range of colours. Featuring up to 93% of quartz, it is also characterised by incomparable strength, which makes it ideal for exhibitions which defy the laws of physics. It is the perfect solution even for the most creative works, as this surface ensures remarkable maintenance advantages.