Design dreams with OKITE®.


The made in Italy resource which helps you express your creativity and taste.

Resistant, multifunctional and aesthetically unique. This is OKITE®, an unrivalled, state-of-the-art product highly esteemed by the best professionals in the field of architecture, design and furniture.
OKITE® is a surface made of quartz and resin, available in 306 x 140 (nominal value) slabs with different thickness (13, 20 and 30) skilfully processed and adapted to your creativity needs. OKITE® is a leading product in the industry, thanks to a wide portfolio of products which do not require any special maintenance, offering aesthetic benefits and high performances to you and your customers.

What are the components of OKITE®?

OKITE® is the result of a combination of quartz,
polyester resin and natural pigments. OKITE®, above all, arises from the mix of different design approaches. Designers, general contractors and developers have cooperated to find the perfect union of creativity, engineering and design. .



The visual impact in any environment where OKITE® is used is amazing. In fact, OKITE® stands out even for the great versatility of the material, which is also suitable for bar counters, partitions, receptions, work surfaces, decorative coatings, walls, etc.