Discover the material which will revolutionise  your work.

  • Why choose OKITE®?
    • Thanks to its various features, OKITE® perfectly addresses the needs and the houses of your customers. The wide range of colours, the unique collections, its strength and ease of cleaning are just some of the features that make this product a precious resource for those who want to tastefully furnish and design spaces. Furthermore, it is a certified environmentally-friendly and healthy product. OKITE® is entirely made in Italy.

  • Why is OKITE® better than marble?
    • OKITE® is more stain- and scratch-resistant than marble, and also grants unrivalled healthy applications which are fundamental some environment, like kitchens. Its maintenance is very simple and the wide range of colours will surely meet the design demands of your customers.

  • What are the main certificates of OKITE®?
    • The certificates obtained by OKITE® also include two important acknowledgments. NSF has certified it as a safe and healthy product to be placed and used in food preparation both at home and at cafés or restaurants. Moreover, according to the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, OKITE® can be used indoors and in schools, because it does not contain or release any hazardous volatile organic compounds, in compliance with the strictest safety standards.

  • May I see OKITE® first-hand?
    • OKITE® can be tested directly by you and our customers at the authorized showrooms belonging to the OKITE® network. Here you will be able to see with your own eyes this material resulting in authentic multisensory sensations. Furthermore your customers and you will have the possibility to personally test a sample of the material, trying in vain to stain it with oil, vinegar, coffee, ink or lemon. This test will stun your customers and you.

  • What is the size of OKITE®
    • Its size is approximately 306 x 140 cm. The slabs have a thickness of 2 and 3 cm. For some colours, the slabs available may have a thickness of 13 mm, 18 mm and 28 mm.