Everything you need to know about OKITE®.

  • What is OKITE®?
    • OKITE® is a surface made of quartz-resin. A special product  available on the market, made up mainly of quartz with the addition of natural pigments and polyester resin.

      The great percentage (up to 93%) of quartz, one of the strongest natural materials , gives OKITE® its special properties.

  • What is the size of an OKITE® slab?
    • An OKITE® slab measures about 306 x 140 centimeters and its thickness are 2 or 3 centimeters.

  • Why recommend OKITE®?
    • OKITE® is the ideal solution which makes your kitchen top or bathroom surface unique and versatile , also offering a high level of customization.

      The strengths of OKITE® are: wide variety of colours, resistance to stains, ease of cleaning, and sustainability.

      OKITE® has a non-porous surface, therefore it is a safe product, particularly suitable for food preparation areas, as certified by NSF too.

  • What are the differences between marble and OKITE® tops?
    • In general, OKITE® features a more uniform colour , in comparison to marble and stone .

      In addition, it is more scratch- and stain-resistant and it is NSF certified, attesting to its suitability the for contact with food.

  • How can I test the quality of OKITE® before my purchase?
    • Those who want to purchase OKITE® can directly test the product.

      They just need to visit an authorized showroom belonging to the OKITE® Network to touch or see with their eyes the quality of the products.

      The staff will ask visitors to stain a sample with the liquids and products which may normally damage the kitchen tops: oil, vinegar, coffee, wine, lemon juice, ink.

      OKITE® does not absorb any product and its maintenance is very simple.

  • Why is OKITE® safe and stain-resistant?
    • Its solid structure makes it a safe product – as certified by the American NSF body.

      Its non-porous surface prevents the formation of impurities and bacteria, unlike natural stones such as marble and granite.

      It is also stain-resistant thanks to the properties of its materials: the quartz – naturally non-absorbent – and the resin, also used by the naval industry thanks to its impermeability.

  • Are there any products which cannot be used on the OKITE® tops?
    • For the maintenance of OKITE®, you should not use basic products or detergents containing trichloroethylene, hydrofluoric acid , dichloromethane and caustic soda.

      Additionally, industrial solvents and paint thinners must be avoided.

  • Can I use OKITE® outdoors?
    • No, we do not recommend the use of OKITE® for outdoor applications.

      In this case, the warranty is not valid.