OKITE® Turn your dwelling into your dream house

homehOKITE® gives substance to your ideas

If you are thinking about the possibility to install OKITE® in your house, then you are looking for a unique product able to turn your imagination into reality.
The design the interior is similar to the construction a casket, a precious place which keeps the intimacy of your everyday life. OKITE® offers this precious place the solidity of an exclusive, elegant and versatile material. A resource able to turn every project into in an experience to be seen first-hand.
Your house has a unique soul.
All the houses are different from one another, each one reflects its dwellers, their interests and tastes. Your home reveals your personality . Stop for a while and think: what is the essence of your personality? The essence of OKITE® is its high-strength quartz, refined but tough, multi-faceted and yet unmistakable, shortly “unrivalled” and ready to express the natural charm of informal elegance.
Those who choose OKITE® love beauty, craftsmanship, the utmost attention to details. They know the intrinsic need to stand out but also the importance of welcome. They are able to enjoy their privacy, in the warm atmosphere of their homes and invite guests to share cheerful moments.

OKITE®. Stronger and safer than granite

OKITE® is the result of a skilful and engineered mix of materials, which has been achieved after several years dedicated to research and development activities. Its special composition of up to 93% of quartz with polyester resin and natural pigments has been designed to combine the strength of this material, five times stronger than granite and marble, and the tactile sensations of a non-porous and safer surface.
Each house has and transmits its own energy, which is result of well-being. Furniture and style make a remarkable contribution to this harmony, thus improving the quality of life. Therefore OKITE® is able to turn the hours spent in your home into unforgettable moments of comfort, surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere.

Your house between freedom and everyday life.

Everyday life is made of little things which, if without any complication, make your routine a perfect experience. OKITE® has been specifically designed to enhance the livability of your home, even in the smallest details. Therefore, it does allow liquids to be absorbed and is stain-resistant. This particular feature, together with its heat- and scratch-resistance, makes OKITE® not only safer but also especially suitable for any environment: from bathroom furniture to kitchen tops, writing desks of bedroom or studios, as well as wall or floor coverings.
OKITE® allows you to let your imagination run wild and lead a quiet life in your environments, without using any additional chemicals to protect your surfaces. For your furniture, choose a safe, natural and innovative material, which pays great attention to the protection of the environments as well as of your domestic intimacy. We believe in sustainable dreams and OKITE® is a solid dream

Cleaning textured surfaces such as the Aida Collection

For normal everyday cleaning, simply soak up with kitchen roll and wash with a soft cloth, warm water and liquid detergent such as “Windex®”, a green alternative that is also effective is “Seventh Generation Multisurface Cleaner®”. For any greasy, oily marks or stains, use a kitchen spray degreaser such as “Soft Scrub Total Kitchen®” for 30 seconds, then rinse well and dry with a clean cloth. For more stubborn marks or stains, use “Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach Cleanser®” on a wet sponge. Work in a large circular motion and clean the entire surface area. Rinse well with hot soapy water and dry with a clean cloth. For any other marks that seemingly can’t be removed with normal cleaning, use a wet scouring pad, such as yellow Scotch-Brite®, with a little abrasive cleanser. Work in a large circular motion and clean the entire surface area. Rinse well with hot water and dry with a clean towel or cloth. Please use this cleaning method only if necessary, as continued use of this method may eventually dull the surface of your OKITE® top. Honed and AIDA Collection colors are more sensitive to grease of finger prints and may require extra care during routine cleaning.

Made in Italy

The OKITE® tops result from the work of highly qualified laboratories: in fact, they combines the competency and elegance typical of the Made in Italy production.