Certificates obtained by OKITE®

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OKITE® has been certified, by the leading international certification bodies and institutes, as a safe and healthy product, ideal for the installation in schools and hospitals.

Health certificate: according to NSF, OKITE® is a safe and healthy product which lends itself to the installation and use in areas destined to food preparation, both at home and in cafés or restaurants. Its non-porous surface, in fact, is stain-resistant and prevents the absorption of moisture and food residues which may result in the formation of harmful bacteria;

Safe use of OKITE® in schools and indoor spaces: the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute has approved the use of OKITE® in indoor spaces and schools. The product does not contain or release any hazardous volatile organic compounds, according to the strict standards established by the GEI;

Compliance with the environmental standards: OKITE® has obtained a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and has been approved by the U.S. Green Building Council , in order to classify the production according to the compliance with environmental standards;

Total compliance with the EU standards on good manufacturing practices (GMP): SEIEFFE voluntarily and regularly checks the compliance of manpower, training, raw materials, packaging and manufacturing processes. The reference standards are the GMPs, established by the 2023/2006 European Commission Regulation


ISO 9001:2008